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Make Way for the Rogue Hunters


Dear Friends,

We are very getting very close to finishing Playing with Fire, which will be released next month, come hellfire or brimstone! This book has been our most challenging yet, but also great fun as we introduce an entire world of Supers, full of new challenges and dangers.

While I’ve been struggling to find a way back without getting killed, Kat’s had her hands full of Rogues, and has re-formed the infamous Rogue Hunters. This team of highly skilled Supers is tasked with chasing down the latest threats to Supers and humans alike.

I worry though. Our last team took heavy casualties, and only a few of us survived. Cyrille, our featured Super this month, was one of them.

How will this new team fare? Find out in the next exciting installment of The Black Kat series!

Meanwhile, check out some of the amazing reads we’ve found this month! So many are free or very low-priced. There are also some incredible giveaways, including a contest for a free Kindle. Make sure to read all the way to the bottom of the newsletter for more info.

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NOTE: If you are receiving this, at some point, you opted into our mailing list. We do not wish to spam any poor souls, so feel free to unsubscribe if you feel the need. Most of us won’t take it personally (though Kat has been known to!) 

Pre-order Playing with Fire

Black Kat IV: Playing with Fire

Firefighter Shane Sumner has a secret. He’s not the brave, hometown hero everyone thinks he is. He’s fireproof, and possibly crazy, or telepathic. Now the dog is talking to him, along with the plants, threatening to upend his sham of a perfect life. Can he conceal his strange abilities or will they expose him for the freak he knows he is? 


One hot mess deserves another…Life isn’t easy for a fire shifter. Fiona and Aislinn’s powers keep them homeless and just might have burnt down the Denver safe house. The streets are full of Rogues and unsavory characters. Their chances of survival look bleak, but a handsome, flame-retardant stranger may be the answer to all their problems.


And where, oh where has Hugh gone?

Kat struggles to find the answers while chasing a boatload of Rogues. Join Kat Hugh, Dale, Jacob and the rest of the gang as the adventure continues!


Available at: Amazon | Apple | Kobo | Nook | Google Play | Everywhere Else


Meet the Supers: Cyrille




Fighter, instructor, and leader of the New Orleans safe house, Cyrille has a zest for life, as well as love and war. He’s also one of the few surviving Rogue Hunters from Hugh’s original team. Click here to read more…

Check out these fabulous books for your eReader!

Wyrmrider Ascending by Theophilus MonroeMERMAIDS: WYRMRIDER ASCENDING

Larger than dragons. Nastier than snakes. Terrifying as hell. The wyrm have escaped the void.

They threaten the underwater mer-kingdom of Fomoria… a kingdom of my ancestors… and the city of New Orleans. 

Why am I the only one who can hear their cries?

Something else is coming… something much worse. Even the wyrm are terrified.

I have to save them, before the Fomorian merlegion destroys them. But can I even tame these monsters? 

If not, it won’t just mean the slaughter of the merfolk, or the death of humanity. It will mean the end of existence itself.


Midnights Assassins by Margo Bond CollinsPARANORMAL THRILLER: MIDNIGHT’S ASSASSIN

Midnight is the poster child of The Organization. Or she would be if anyone outside The Organization knew about it.

Ten years ago, The Organization plucked Ilsa Deverell out of the latest in a series of terrible foster homes, trained her up to become the perfect monster assassin, and gave her a code name. Ever since then, they’ve had Midnight’s complete loyalty. Until now.

Faced with an assignment she can’t bring herself to complete, Midnight begins to question The Organization’s goals and motives—and her own role in fulfilling them. But no one leaves The Organization. Especially not their best monster-hunting assassin.

Blood Moon Academy Captive Monster by Demi DrummondPNR: BLOOD MOON ACADEMY

I thought magic only existed in movies. I was wrong. It does exist, and it’s illegal to use it in the mortal world. Oops. So I’ve been sent to Blood Moon Academy to figure out how to use it, but I’ve got three strikes against me:


1: I got the lowest score ever on the magic placement test. FML.

2: A rare blood moon happened the same night I arrived. Which apparently means I’m cursed.

3: I’ve awoken up a monster with my arrival.


When the body count rises, I’ll have to prove my innocence before the headmaster throws me in a dungeon or the students take matters into their own hands. Good thing there are some smoking hot distractions around. 

Rose Red and the Bear by Joel CrofootFAIRY TALE MASHUP: ROSE RED AND THE BEAR


All Rose wanted was to belong to a family, so when she finds her father on a DNA ancestry website, she jumps at the offer to visit his cabin.


Once there, however, the only person she meets is a young man in need of her help, but she soon realizes that he is not what he seems. 

Years ago, Braydon was cursed by the man who killed his father. Now he vows revenge and counts himself lucky at finding the daughter of his nemesis. Will she be his ruin or salvation?




All her life, Iman has respected and obeyed the wizard code of conduct, especially the ruling whereby a wizard can never fall in love with an ordinary human.


But Troy is so irresistible. This science nerd is the hottest guy in class, and Iman is happy to be scientifically examined by him. Whatever it takes, she wants him! Nothing can hold her back, not even the red diamond!



As mermaid Lorelei witnesses the sinking of of a gigantic ship, she’s touched by the human who bothered to mind his manners as he was dying.

“Death feels so warm,” he whispered, those brown eyes hooded as they looked into hers. “Didn’t know there were mermaids in heaven. Ice mermaids…So beautiful. Jewels for eyes, pearls for hair.”

Behind them, the great ship that had the words “Titanic” painted on its bow was cracking as it tilted into the freezing waters of the ocean.


Lorelei gave a frustrated sigh and tightened her hold on him.


In a town fully inhabited by the supernatural, life is surprisingly chill. Amelia, a young sylph, works as a bartender as she dreams of going to college, leaving her boring hometown behind.


When roguishly handsome Jared walks into Amelia’s bar, she’s immediately interested, until he opens his mouth. Her refusal to serve him sparks a feud with a new werewolf pack who seeks to dominate the town.


As Jared and Amelia try to keep the peace between the town’s crazy creatures, they realize that they just might be crazy for each other!


Dead On Time by Mason Sabre and Rachel MortonFREE UF: DEAD ON TIME

Eighteen months–Eighteen girls. Only this time, Amy Sorokov has a chance of finding the latest victim.

 The papers have called him the Calendar killer. Amy has deemed him her most wanted. So what does she do when she’s hit a brick wall, and the clock begins ticking over a young girl’s head? She calls in the only man she knows will hunt the killer down.

 Ethan Stone–supernatural bounty hunter, soul seeker and mercenary to the underworld. He’s got one heck of an ability, and if his sights are set on you, you better make sure you can run … fast.

 He might just take your soul.


Chasing Lightning by DM FikeFREE UF: CHASING LIGHTNING

My name’s Ina, and I’m a shepherd of Nasci. I command fire, air, earth, and water like an honest-to-goddess nature wizard. I’ve defeated my fair share of nasties, but now a cryptid monster with a Medusa gaze preys upon the Oregon coast.

It doesn’t help that game warden Vincent Garcia has noticed an uptick in endangered carcasses and blames me for poaching them. But I do have an ace up my sleeve with my unique lightning magic. The only problem: it’s like using a stick of dynamite to kill a house spider. I’m not supposed to use it, but our predator grows stronger every day. Either I banish this horror show soon, or there won’t be much left to protect.



A bloodthirsty monster is terrorizing the homeless. Bodies are found in the Seattle Underground, clawed and partially eaten. The victims had only one thing in common: living in the Underground. 

U.S. Marshals deputies David and Abby, are tasked with finding out who or what is responsible, but Seattle PD had been brushing them off. When a city council member became the latest victim, SPD had no choice. The U.S. Marshals secret black badge division is assigned to hunt the monster down quietly before anyone else was killed. But it might be too late…




Get all four VILLAIN books in this complete box set, starting with Council of Evil:

Jake Hunter finds a mysterious App on his phone inviting him to join a scheme for world domination.

With unlimited power and wealth at his fingertips, how can he resist?

But to get it he has to become an arch-criminal, entangled in a plan that threatens the world. And that could just be a step too far . . .



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Here’s to a Super 2021!

Yours magically,


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