Name: Cyrille
Type: Fighter
Age: Late 30s
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: French Canadian
Status: mated and married to Desdemona
Hair: blond, long, often pulled back
Eyes: blue
Height: 6’ 6” tall
Weight: 220 pounds, muscular
Family: no known siblings
Location: New Orleans
Occupation: Co-leader of the New Orleans safe house with his mate, fighting instructor, often helps Dez as a medical assistant, a decent field medic in a pinch
Favorite Saying: “Nous sommes debout ou tombés ensemble.” (We stand or fall together.)

    • Loves to eat as much as he loves to fight
    • Obsessed with ancient weapons
    • Fearless in battle
    • Served on Hugh’s team of Rogue Hunters and became very skilled at tracking them down

Summary: A French-Canadian fighter, swordsman and sword smith. His blond viking-like appearance and obsession with ancient weaponry of all kinds makes him seem very out of place in modern times. He and Desdemona lead the New Orleans safe house.
Closest friends: Hugh, Jacob
Secrets: Kat scares him
Dale’s Notes: Cyrille is a seasoned fighter and one of the few survivors from Hugh’s original Rogue Hunting team. Many other Supers come to the New Orleans safe house to train with him. He is also a dear and loyal friend, clinging to an ancient code of honor, as many of us Supers do. Sometimes I think we were born in the wrong time, or perhaps on the wrong planet…