Dale Harrison


Name: Dale Harrison
Type: Mentalist with some light and time manipulation abilities
Also known as: The Missing Super, Subject #941 (the lab), Delywn (home planet)
Age: Late 30s
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: British, but now a naturalized American citizen
Status: Single
Hair: White (publicly: brown)
Eyes: Gray (puiblicly: blue)
Height: 6’ 4”
Weight: 190 pounds
Family: Hugh Harrison (brother)
Location: I’ve been missing for some time. Find out where I’ve been in Black Kat IV: Playing with Fire
Occupation: performer, mentalist, inventor. I co-lead the Supers with my brother Hugh
Favorite Saying: “Nothing is impossible. It just hasn’t been invented yet.”

    • High IQ
    • Can change appearance at will
    • Strong telepathic capabilities
    • Advanced teleportation abilities. The only Super who can teleport into buildings and land on a dime (I’m quite proud of that!)
    • Able to influence time for brief periods (an emerging skill)

Summary: Hugh’s older brother. A powerful mentalist and illusionist with highly developed teleportation and telepathic powers. A genius with severe mood issues and a haunting past. Also has some abilities with time. Talks a lot, thinks more.
Closest friends: Hugh (he tends to keep to himself mostly)

    • A certain scorching hot female Super has captured my attention and my heart.
    • I love to document everything in cryptic journals only I can truly understand
    • I have some mental health issues due to my time in the lab. I saw and heard things I cannot forget. I tried my best to shield my brother from them, but the memories still torment me. As a result, I don’t sleep much. Besides, I’m too busy reading and experimenting. Sleep just gets in the way.
    • Arienne calls my fashion choices eccentric and old-fashioned, but I like this just fine.

Dale’s Notes: What can I say about myself? I love to talk, even more than Hugh does, but rarely have anyone around who can keep up with the conversation. My mind careens from topic to topic, and sometimes even my mouth can’t keep up. I have trouble sleeping, and sometimes go for days at a time without rest. I enjoy experimenting with Tesla’s theories about quantum physics and quantum mechanics. The universe is a big place, and I am finding my place in it, along with lots of other places. I love to study everything and anything. Knowledge is power. The more the better, as long as its used for good and not evil. I believe most people can be redeemed, though I’ve met a few that couldn’t. I let my brother handle them. I’m too busy making new discoveries.

Appears in: I’m mentioned in Unlucky Charm and Kat & Mouse, and finally make an appearance in God Save the Queen and Playing with Fire. You’ll see me a lot more in upcoming books, especially Kat-A-Strophic.