Book Cover: Cocky Doodle Scrooge
Editions:Kindle - First: $ 2.99

It's Dickens...with chickens!
Christmas is coming, and the flock decides to get their revenge on Sweetie for his Halloween antics and teach that mischievous rooster a lesson once and for all. But will doing so put them on Santa's naughty list? Find out in Book #3 of the Cocky Doodle Doo series!

Note: While the Cocky Doodle Doo stories are mostly family friendly, they do contain "adult chicken situations."

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Reviews:Rebecca wrote:

A very charming barnyard story, perfect for the holiday season! I loved the interactions between the children and the animals, and the multi-layered resolution.

Jill wrote:

So fun to read! This book is so creative and comical! I had a great time reading it. Some of the things that the author came up with like “God rest ye merry gentle chicks.” There were also “Jingle Eggs” and “Grandma got ran over by a rooster” to make their Christmas joyful!! This is a joyful, light, fun read for the holidays!

Shaun wrote:

I came into this series late, but soon picked up the story line. It's a fun, children's story following the farmyard animals and farm's family through the eyes of the "hero", Reginald Fowl. The story tackles the problem of bullying and how certain members of the brood try to turn it around, along with their eventual understanding of the antagonists problem. This is a bit of fun for children and adults alike.

Sara wrote:

Dickens and Chickens!
Another fun story of life in the chicken coop, told by a Rooster with a passion for classics. The chickens are having problems with another rooster in their flock, and if they don't stop fighting, the wife of the farm has threatened that a rooster or two will end up on the dinner table. Reginald the Rooster writes to Santa for help. He also sets up A Christmas Carol Chicken Edition for Sweetie the chicken with the help of all the other animals. At first, it seems that help is not coming from either Santa or his reenactment, until help does come and will have you believing in Santa all over again, This is a fun series, with excellent and creative writing and the perfect narrating to go along with it.