Wishing you a Super Valentine’s Day!


Hello Dear Friends,

I’ve missed you. It’s good to be writing once again, and I hope this missive finds you in good spirits and health.

First and foremost, a very Happy Valentine’s Day to each and every one of you! May your day be awash with the sweet symphony of amour, perhaps sprinkled with a dash of Ellandrian magic for good measure.

Since the end of the last novel, Kat and I have been quite busy setting up the first safehouse on our home planet. Miramoor, with its crystal waters and lush vegetation, has been a splendid setting for such a venture. We’ve also been visiting friends and family, and preparing for the arrival of someone very special. More on that in the next book, though!

Though there is no chocolate on our home planet (much to Kat’s dismay!), love here on Ellandria is quite an affair. We have this wonderful tradition called the ‘Whispering Winds’ where lovers whisper sweet nothings into the breeze, and our weather shifters carry these messages to their beloveds. The entire kingdom is filled with soft whispers, a gentle hum of love.

Another one is the ‘Glowing Embrace’ where our light manipulators (including yours truly) create dazzling displays of affection in the night sky. It’s like a personal fireworks show for your sweetheart.

Even my kittara, Cleo, decided to get in on the fun. The other day, she snuck into the kitchen and devoured an entire batch of heart-shaped cookies meant for our Super Valentine’s Day feast. Needless to say, the chef was not amused. But Cleo just looked up at him with those innocent silver eyes and he couldn’t stay mad for long.



My brother Dale, on the other hand, has been acting rather peculiar lately. He’s been muttering strange equations to himself and disappearing for hours at a time. I have a feeling he’s on the cusp of some new discovery or invention, but only time will tell. Heaven help us all!

As for our dear author, she’s got her head stuck in a computer somewhere, working on some more goodies for you involving Nova and Elijah, who are currently on Eris.

In the meantime, be sure to check out these great reads:

  • “The Secret Life of Kittaras” by Cleo the Kittara
  • “The Art of Illusion” by Hugh Archibald Harrison (that’s me!)
  • “Mind Over Matter: A Guide to Telepathy and Teleportation” by Ardan Delwyn (aka my brother Dale)

Oh, wait, those are the books we’re reading on Ellandria. Instead, allow me to curate a list of earthly entertainment for your enjoyment. You can find it below this letter.

And if you’re ever in Miramoor, be sure to stop by the local bakery for some of their famous heart-shaped pastries. Just keep an eye on your kittaras!



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Deep in the heart of the forbidden forest, I seek a miracle. Legends tell of a rare elixir that can save my father, but it can only be found in the castle of the formidable Alpha King. He is a dark and lethal creature with a legendary hatred for humans.

Against all odds, I walk into his trap and am discovered by the very beast I defied. The Alpha King shows no mercy and imprisons me in his chilling dungeon. I am destined for two things: these walls and the undeniable magnetism of the Alpha King.



I don’t know who I am or how I got here. If I stop running, I’ll never be free. I thought I made it when I emerged from the woods, but then something explosive blinds me.

I wake up in a hospital bed, told that my uncontrolled magic is dangerous. The choice is simple: join their magic academy or be caged for life. Now I’m at Protectors Academy, a ruthless magic boarding school where the rich and powerful compete for a top position. I’m not free or safe here.

I’m being followed, harassed by mean girls, and confusing the hottest guys on campus. And that’s before I’m blamed for burning down my own dorm room. I just want to pass their tests and leave. But first, I have to survive.



Molly Coyle, an independent young woman in Salem, Oregon, works as a private investigator. When she accepts what seems like a routine case, her life abruptly ends in a bit of bad luck. But death is only the beginning for Molly.

Paired with a spectral familiar cat named Fuzzy, she jumps back into the case that ended her life while settling into her new job as Azrael’s newest reaper. In this surprising prequel, meet Molly and her loved ones as she refuses to let death stop her from protecting what she holds dear.



Ever since her unfortunate demise, Elle has been stuck haunting a share house, watching her housemates come and go. She has a crush on Dean, a longstanding housemate who doesn’t even know she exists.

But when a new resident moves in, Elle finds hope for something more. Ethan, a medium, senses Elle’s presence and tries to ignore it, but she persists.

As Ethan uncovers more about Elle, he suspects her death was no accident. Can he help her move on before she fades away?



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Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with love and laughter!

Yours truly,


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