The Luck o’ the Supers (Or Not)

Hello Dear Friends,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, and Easter! I hope this letter finds you happy, healthy and well! Kat and I are certainly feeling rather lucky after the events of Kat-A-Strophic. We’re alive and healing, and expecting some…interesting developments in the next book.


image Luck on Ellandria image

Life here on our home planet may be light-years away from Earth, but we’ve managed to pick up a few of its charming superstitions regarding luck:



Clann Grioff specializes in all things griffin

Silver Griffin Feathers: Finding a silver feather of a wild, untamed griffin is an omen of great fortune. Or impending doom. The mighty beasts can be deadly if you get on their bad side, or if you happen to be around when it’s dinner time. The quest for silver griffin feathers is certainly not for the faint of heart, but they do fetch a pile of gold at the marketplace.

Whispers in the Wind: When a soft breeze ruffles your hair unexpectedly, it’s believed to be a lucky spirit passing by. If you can manage to whisper a quick wish into the wind before it fades, good fortune may follow.


Stone Singing at Midnight: Stone singers often venture far out in the desert to sing to the stones at midnight on full moon nights, which are often considering how many we have. If a stone responds by emitting a soft glow, it’s seen as a sign of incoming good luck and prosperity. Especially if you don’t run into a giant skairp on the way back to town.


Speaking of moons, Elijah and Nova have been settling in and making some surprising discoveries on Eris, many of which have Dale toiling feverishly in his bedroom-turned-laboratory. Strangely colored smoke has been seen belching from beneath the door, filling the upper hall with odd odors.

I shudder to think of just what my brother may be up to now. The last time he was this taken with something, he discovered the portals to our home world, and we know how that little adventure turned out.

As for our dear author, she’s currently seeking inspiration in the sunny Southwest. But fear not, she’s hard at work on Star Crossed, and from what I hear, it’s going to be a wild ride for all of us. While we eagerly await the next installment, why not check out these fantastic reads below from similar authors?


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Get A Little Unlucky This St. Patty’s Day


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In a world where nothing is as it seems, fairytales are turned upside down.

What if Snow White was the usurper of Cinderella’s life? What if the Evil Queen was misunderstood?

In this spellbinding narrative, men are mere players in a labyrinthine game of power and kingdom conquest. Dive into a world where magic is not whimsical, but a complex puzzle to be solved. Prepare for a tale that challenges your perceptions and pushes the boundaries of your imagination.




A witch. A vampire. An immortal mistake.

As a witch, I have a healthy dislike for the undead. While they can turn a human, their venom kills those of us with power. At least that was true until I was attacked by a rogue and transitioned into a vampire.

Now the entire supernatural community wants answers, including the vampire overseer who had a surprising reaction to my unnatural rebirth. In addition to my sexy undead leader, I am assigned a death dealer mentor to investigate the reason I was targeted and protect my family. When we discover there is a conspiracy at play, will I accept my new life or unleash an unholy monster that could destroy humanity?



Adventurers rampage across the land, stealing everything from bread rolls to ancient heirlooms, slaughtering countless innocent monsters in their hunt for glory.

Eric, the owner of Beast Be Gone pest control, knows that most creatures can be removed with a bit of repellent, however, the adventurers want to do things the flashy way; blowing up half of the dungeon with fireballs in the process.

With no work left, Eric is broke and desperate. That is until a young woman equipped with mechanical gadgets becomes his apprentice. Together they uncover the mystery of a diabolical plot that answers the timeless questions about adventuring..image


A spooky love triangle with a difference!

Elle’s been stuck haunting her share house for the last four years. Being dead is frustrating enough, but when her newest housemate sets her sights on Elle’s longtime crush, Dean, she reaches her limit.

She needs to get her ghost on and break these two up before she becomes the ultimate third wheel!

Or worse, Dean moves out…





Immerse yourself in the enchantment of the holiday season with “A Fantasy Christmas,” an anthology featuring 13 distinct tales from 13 accomplished authors. Each story revolves around the theme of Christmas magic, bringing a unique twist to festive traditions.

From a Christmas miracle pulling Tink through the space-time continuum, to a baby dragon wreaking havoc on Christmas Eve, to a magical revelation during a holiday dinner, these tales span a broad spectrum of fantasy.

This collection promises to make your Christmas (and your every day) more enchanting, presenting a world where anything is possible.





When January Kingsley awakens her hidden witch powers, her world flips upside down. Sent on a perilous mission, she crosses paths with Ozias Covaci, a vampire with a deep thirst for power & a vendetta that’s lasted centuries.

But everything changes when Ozias tastes January’s bewitching blood. Suddenly, they’re caught in a whirlwind of desire and danger, as a dark force seeks to rip them apart.

Ozias is torn – will he choose vengeance for his sister, or protect the witch who’s stolen his heart?



Tessa Damon is a modern demon with no plans to ever settle down. She loves her life. She has great friends, an amazing career and dating rules that keep her safe and her sexual appetite sated.

Until she meets Devon that is. He’s sweet, funny and sexy. Just her type except he’s her friend brother which makes him off limits.

Or does it?



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 Well, that’s all for now, friends. Remember, as we say on Ellandria, “May the stars align in your favor.” Happy St. Patty’s Day, Happy Easter, Happy Spring, and we’ll see you between the pages! 

Yours magically,



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