Remembering a Super Dad, Bonus Scenes & More


Hello Dear Friends,

Kim here. I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me much lately. 2023 was devastating and I didn’t write much. My hundred-year-old farmhouse fell apart, along with my marriage. My adult son and his fiancé were homeless for a while. Then my dad had a stroke, was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, and had another stroke.

 I came out East with my youngest two boys to spend time with him and help however we could. How very precious that time was! We had no idea it would be cut so short. He fought hard through a third stroke around Thanksgiving while in rehab. He passed away right before Christmas and was buried (with military honors) just before New Year’s. Holidays will never be the same.

 Dad was strong, brave, and funny. He read everything I wrote and helped me troubleshoot the many challenges indie authors face- marketing, finances, book formatting, websites, you name it. He was always there, cheering me on. He was handy, too– he remodeled houses, fixed cars, built chicken coops, wrangled grandkids. He really was Super, and leaves behind a huge hole in our hearts and lives.



Dad and I, once upon a time

The Road Ahead

 Slowly, I’m getting back to writing. Star Crossed and The White King WILL be coming out this year, though I’m keeping the dates flexible, which is why the Amazon pre-order isn’t up yet. When the books get closer to completion, I’ll let you know. Anyone who signed up to help with ARC List will also get copies.

 I’m also working on some bonus scenes and stories that bridge the gap between Kat-A-Strophic and Star Crossed. The first one is done! Beneath the Snow is Shane and Fiona’s avalanche encounter after the teleportation chase with Neve. (Be sure to read Kat-A-Strophic before reading this scene. Otherwise, you’ll be lost, lol.)



Click here to grab a copy.


A Funny

Someone recently sent me this PM on Facebook:


 Time to introduce them to Hugh!

 Speaking of which, Hugh will return to this newsletter next month. I had to stick that snarky magician in the coat closet for a while, but alas, he kept escaping and demanding I get back to work (what a slave driver!) I did manage to give him a “smashing” makeover for the Black Kat covers:



Not bad. Maybe a little more tweaking, but we’re getting there.

 Thank you for sticking with me. There are more Black Kat stories and books to come, and possibly a Kickstarter later this year. I have not put hard dates on anything because so much is still up in the air in my life. One thing is certain: the writing is here to stay, and so is Black Kat!

 I wish you the absolute best for 2024. Happy Reading and Stay Super!


Lots of love,


Kimberly Gordon


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