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Black Kat News: A Super Thanks

Greeting, friends! Hugh here. It’s newsletter time again, as well as election time, and before you know it, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and holiday madness, on top of pandemics and heaven knows what else. Did we get murder hornets? Seems like we skipped those…

Amidst the chaos, there is still so much to be thankful for, and we are especially thankful for YOU, our readers. Thank you for taking the time to read and review our books. Thanks for your feedback and encouragement. They mean much more than you know. Our readers are Super and keep us going through it all.

We’d also like to wish all of the veterans out there a SUPER Veterans’ Day. Freedom isn’t free. Thank you for putting your lives on the line to ensure we continue to be free.

We’re celebrating all these wondrous things with some much-needed overhauls and new features:

Website Makeover: The Black Kat website is now easier to navigate and has a cleaner look. Locate information quickly about the series and the books, along with the latest announcements and newsletters in the News section. (Psst…We snuck in an author page too, and are hoping to put in a store at some point.)

Black Kat website update

Meet the Supers: We’re finally implementing our monthly Meet the Supers feature. The look and content of this area will evolve and expand over time to include Rogues and other interesting people we meet in the pages of the Black Kat series.

Newsletter Move: Our readership is growing by leaps and bounds, which we love! But it was costing a small fortune to maintain with our email provider, who recently updated their terms of service to include massive censorship of our content whenever and wherever they feel like it. No thanks! We’ll take freedom. So we’ve moved to a new provider with better terms and service, where we can grow exponentially without worrying about someone looking over our shoulder. Find all of our newsletters in our archive here.

Black Kat News

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Up Next: God Save the Queen Update

Black Kat III: God Save the QueenWe’re in the midst of finetuning Black Kat IIII: God Save the Queen next, and so far it’s going quite well. Improvements include:

  • Tightening scenes and prose
  • Better formatting for easier reading
  • Reorganized chapters
  • And much more…

This is a long book, so it may take some extra time. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.

Meanwhile, work continues on Black Kat IV: Playing with Fire. You can sign up to be a beta reader here.


Meet the Supers: Jacob Jackson

Jacob Jackson, energy shifter, Black Kat Series

A major character in the Black Kat series, Jacob’s energy powers are centered in his large heart, which often creates problems when trying to stay in control of them. His abilities continue to grow and change throughout the series, and can be quite dangerous. The last thing this talented healer wants to become is another Nightshade. Read the briefing here.

More great stories for your eReader!


A Drop of Dream by Amy HopkinsFancy a cup of magical tea? Come in, sit down, relax. Don’t mind the killer in the corner…

All Emma wants is to sell her enchanted teas in peace; instead, she’s caught up in the chase for a killer who’s stalking the streets of London. He’s targeting half-bloods, people with limited magical ability. People just like Emma.

The police are baffled by the long string of deaths, but they’re not willing to put in the legwork to make an arrest. The sun is going down and the killer is just around the corner… and Emma had better find a way to stop him.


From a very young age, I’ve known about the dangers of people finding out I’m a necromancer, but when someone starts leaving dead animals on my door step, a dramatic escape and sudden arrival at a place where they teach kids to use magic throws my whole life plan off track.

Now I have some kind of extra special powers, a really annoying new pet bird, and everyone wants me to raise murder victims– something I swore I would never do again.

But, when evil lurking in the shadows starts jumping out to make itself known, I can’t exactly keep turning my back on humanity.

Day one of my new life sucks, but a hot vampire might make it suck a bit less.


Ellie dreams of mermen to escape the reality of being bullied. When the bullies try to drown her, an otherworldly creature saves her. She thinks it was a dream, but the emerald-eyed merman boy who rescued her appears in her school the next day.

Next thing she knows, there’s a mermaid living in her bathroom. And the gorgeous boy who rescued her? Is he really the exiled prince of an ancient kingdom fighting for survival? And is he asking her to save him?

And most impossible of all, could this beautiful boy who looks like a young Poseidon, god of the waters, falling in love with her? When myth and reality collide, can love save their lives?


I was always a good mate. Until my husband had an affair and disappeared. I would’ve let my heart lead me to another member of my pack…the sexy blond who helps run our ranch…but he refuses to be with a married woman.

So I called the Paranormal True Mate Dating Agency. They sent me the perfect wolf. But my heart was still with my husband… and the wolf in my pack.

I thought love was my biggest problem. Until a terrifying phone call revealed where my husband was…and put my whole family at risk. Will the wolves who love me help me save my family? Or are they slaves to their own lust, who will stop at nothing to have me?

Beshadowed Darkness Unknown by SAFenechDARK FANTASY: DARKNESS UNKNOWN

Werewolves, vampires, ghosts … they aren’t what you think.

After the death of her mother, Everly Boderleth has to go back to her spooky hometown, Shroudhaven, and she has a plan to get in and out as quick as possible.

Step one, clear out the family home and antique store. Step two, watch her childhood sweetheart die violently at the hands of a horrific creature.

Wait, what? That wasn’t part of the plan. But it was just a dream, wasn’t it? As the evidence mounts that what she saw was real, a broken heart is the least of her problems. Everly thinks she’s close to the truth, but nothing is as it seems. What is really lurking in the dark?


Dracones Awakening by Sheri-Lynn MareanDRAGON SHIFTERS: DRACONES AWAKENING

They’ve been betrayed. Two fallen angels are dead, and Tierney’s father is missing.

As a private investigator, Tierney should be able to locate him, but as an immortal on the cusp of her dragon powers awakening, she knows his disappearance isn’t human related. Have the druid witches that kill without discretion finally found them?

While Tierney searches for her father, the man she loves abandons her. Secrets and lies are revealed, and from skin and scale arises a broken beast of sorrow. What evil will be uncloaked by ancient magic?


Year One has been rough for this werewolf. Some of the students like to torment me because my dad’s a demon. As if it’s not bad enough, my mom’s basically abandoned me.

But there’s one werewolf who’s caught my eye and not just because he has a scar and is dark and mysterious.

As Robb and I grow closer, I’m drawn into darkness—darkness by my dad and by my tormentors… and maybe by myself and even Robb.

Maybe it’s not a matter of studying and tests and projects and all of that. Maybe it’s just about survival.


A snarky, action-packed urban fantasy

Underworld double agent Gabe Gantry can’t stop screwing up. But trying to commit covert good deeds from inside Hell is a devilishly tricky balancing act. Especially when his latest agency gig sends him Topside for something suspiciously non-Satanic. Being a double agent in the Underworld is never simple, but a gig that doesn’t involve preventing the next apocalypse would be a breath of fresh air. But Gabe knows better. There has to be a catch.

If this unlikely hero can’t figure it out before disaster strikes, facing the wrath of Hell will be the least of his worries…

Persistence of Memory by Karen JanowskyFREE: THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY III

When gods and superheroes fall in love, it takes gods and supervillains to keep them apart.

Powerful alliances from both Daniel and Nina’s pasts are about to rip apart the fabric of time. Dark, tragic days loom close as those plans come to fruition. Meanwhile, Nina and Daniel struggle to explore the boundaries between passion and possessiveness, duty and desire. They are gambling with much more than their future together. This is a race for the survival of history, itself, and their pasts are about to catch up with them.

Note from Hugh: We’ve featured Book One and Book Two in previous newsletters. Grab Book Three to complete the trilogy!



Normal, boring, thirty-something Sara dreams of meeting a unicorn. When her wish is finally granted, thanks to a mysterious cat, she finds that sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality: this unicorn is a bit of a jerk!

Join Sara on an adventure across time and space, where dreams and reality are one, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

With the help of a cantankerous unicorn, a magical cat and a handsome scholar, Sara will need to overcome her own failings in order to save Palantia – the universe, even! – from the nefarious schemes of a corrupted fae. Can she pull herself together in time to save us all?




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Here’s wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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