In Honor of Queen Elizabeth II


Hello friends,

Hugh here, dashing off a quick message. I was deeply saddened to hear of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing recently. It truly is the end of an era! If you’ve read our books, you’ll know that I hail from Britain (though I originally come from somewhere more…exotic!) and spent my teenage years on the streets of London.

Our third book, God Save the Queen was named partially for my connection to the UK, (and the fact that Kat truly became the queen of my heart in that book, plus there’s a chess theme.) I love naming our books and I think that one is my favorite title.

Anyhow, in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, we’re putting God Save the Queen on sale at all of our stores. Though the book isn’t about the royal family, they do put in an appearance at my fake funeral in the opening chapters of Playing with Fire.


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 It’s a small, silly gesture, but I wanted to do something besides sit by the telly and cry an ocean on Kat’s shoulder during the funeral and all the long goodbyes. We have many readers in the UK and Commonwealth countries who may be doing the same and might need a bit of a pick me up. (Cats and Kats are good for this!)

 We love you all, and so does our author. We’ll be watching along with you as history unfolds and a new era begins. Pass the tissues, please!

Yours always,


Illusionist, Escape Artist, and Super Chap!


PS. Barnes and Noble is doing maintenance on their back end. We’ll lower the price there as soon as we can get back into our dashboard.

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