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April Showers Bring May Stars


Hello friends,
Sadly, I had a nice, long, lovely letter written to all of you and lost the entire thing to the blasted ghost in the machine. Too bad Jared is still in the healing sleep. I could really use his help with this confounded contraption! 

So I will try once more:

Greetings, we hope this finds you well, despite the cold, rainy, nasty weather that spring has brought to most of the safe houses at the moment. But May is right around the corner, with promises of flowers and star-filled skies, and Star Crossed!


Originally we had wanted to do a Kickstarter for Star Crossed, but soon realized that Songs of Stone is the better choice for our first campaign. It’s a deep dive into the legends of the stone singers and Clann Càirn. It was out briefly, but we decided to pull it back and expand it with more stories, poetry, and artwork. We think you’ll love the results and will announce it when it’s ready.


In other news, work has begun on Star Crossed, which promises to be our biggest adventure yet! Many changes are coming for all of us, and new arrivals as well…if you’ve read Kat-A-Strophic, you’ll know what I’m talking about (wink).


The book is on pre-order at your favorite eBookstores worldwide (details below). you can also sign up for the ARC team here. Or, hop on the Sneak Peak (Teaser) list here and we’ll send you the first few scenes when they’re ready. In the meantime, keep reading for more fun stories below!

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Black Kat VI: Star Crossed

Black Kat VI: Star CrossedAmazon | Apple | B&N | Google Play | Kobo | More


The winds of war blow across the Supers’ home planet… And spiders spin their webs in the courts of Ellandria. How far are Kat and Hugh willing to go to protect their loved ones? And will their destinies drive them apart?

Meanwhile on Earth…A terrorist attack changes the world as the Supers know it and endangers the safe houses. Can they remain hidden? Or will they be hunted again?

Find out in the Supers’ next breathtaking adventure, full of action, comedy, romance, and suspense!

Looking for something else to read while you wait for the next Black Kat book? Check these out: 

Wyrmrider Box Set by Theophilus MonroeUF BOX SET: WYRMRIDER BOOKS 1-4
You mess with this southern belle… and she’ll ring yours all the way to dinner.

Joni Campbell was raised on faith, family, and chicken fried steak. But when she falls under a dragon’s curse she has only one option.

She must seek her ancestors in the merkingdom of Fomoria. But is she the one who needs saving, or do they need her, curse and all, if they hope to save their world?
I expected my MC brothers to know me well by now, so when my loyalty is questioned because I snatched up some girl on a run…I’m furious!

She hates me, but she can’t stay away from me. At first she resists but then things get heated between us until I lose track of all time and can no longer tell the difference in her breath and mine.

She’s no ordinary girl. I kidnapped her, and now I ‘m captivated by her. But will her savagery overtake my loyalty?
Secrets of the Dead by Saralin CookUF: SECRETS OF THE DEAD
A princess of the Fire Realm isn’t supposed to fall in love. I was promised to a son of the Cloud Realm to end a millennia’s old war between the two. But fate had other plans for me. Now I’m being punished for my rebellion, and my banishment means an eternity on Terran cleaning up demonic messes until I hit my quota.

One thousand demonic souls banished back to the Fire Realm. That’s the deal. I’m almost there. Halfway home; and not a moment too soon. Three hundred years on Terran is starting to mess with my head. But hey, we all have our demons.
Dragons Smile by Luna Fox and F LowberryFANTASY: A DRAGON’S SMILE
David’s life is hollow after his grandmother passes away. He becomes isolated, and though he finds joy in his various pursuits, he misses a crucial part of living–the true closeness that can come only with a real, genuine friendship.

Sara has come alone into Belfast, Maine, escaping from a past that torments her. Her cheery disposition and quick smile lead her to form an easy, sincere friendship with David, as they find in each other what they have lacked throughout their lives: Someone they can trust.

But will their trust survive Sara’s many secrets?


We love to hear from our fans! Let us know what you like about the series and what you’d like to see next. Contact me anytime at hugh@blackkatseries.com or by replying to this email.

You can also reach the Supers on our public pages (listed below.) Please keep in mind that due to my death-defying schedule, it may take me a little while to get back to you. We also love fan art. Feel free to send some in! 

Yours magically,


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